How to Make Friends-如何交友

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   How to Make Friends
       A proverb says "One man is not good enough to live alone in the world." Indeed, there are many things in life which we alone cannot perform.  We need friends' help.  Friends are people who willingly and readily help us when we are in trouble, and show sympathy for us when we are in misery.
      The benefits of friendship are boundless and sometimes invisible. For example, when we have passed the graduation examination and are looking for a job, we need experienced and reliable friends to guide us and help us on our way. A good friend is also an adviser, because our own points of view towards things may not be always right.  Therefore, it is necessary for us to seek advice from friends.
      Of course, we can make friends everywhere. However, I think the best place is school, where we are among a big number of boys and girls our own age, so it is easy to get to know one another in a short time. Besides, we can also make friends among the people who work with us in the community.
      In order to make friends, we ourselves must be honest,noble-minded and kind-hearted whereby to leave a favourable impression on others since other people observe us the same way as we do.
     At the same time, we should avoid bad friends, because they always do harm to us and moreover,they are dangerous to the people around.What is even worse,they mar our friendship with good friends.Indeed,seeking acquaintance with bad friends would be a serious mistake.