Through the Eyes of A Child 透过婴儿的眼睛

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Through the Eyes of A Child 透过婴儿的眼睛

    I opened my eyes. I was looking up at the ceiling. Why I was looking there, I don't know, but I kept looking anyway, and laughing. I kicked my legs and shuck my arms, but it brought me no closer to what I was looking at. I called out Ga, ga, gaagh, goo.


    There was no reply.


    I lifted my head. But it fell back down. I was lying on my back, and I was covered from foot to neck in the blanket my Dada had tucked me into. I wanted to move my arms over my covers. But I didn't know how to move them in coordinated motions. I had been practising since I arrived from my mother. But it takes a bit of getting used to.


    I called out again Goo - goo - mama.


    Again there was no reply. I kept kicking and shaking my arms. I shuck my head. I tried all the movements I had learned so far. But nothing seemed to move my cosy restraints. I looked up at the ceiling again. It was the same as it had been earlier on. But it was all I had to look at. There was bars on both sides of me 'which I could probably look through'. But believe me, for the effort it would take to turn my head sideways; the ceiling was a much better option. As the room got brighter, I ame more and more awake, and more and more restless.


    I called out again Mama - Dada - ga ga - goo goo.


    Still there was no reply. I kicked and I kicked. I pushed with my arms. I was determined. I was uncomfortable from lying there for so long. All I wanted to do was change my position. Oh yeah, and get out of my wet nappy.


    I called louder this time Mama - mama - mama. Then out of frustration I said Goo - gah -ga.