A letter to my friend faraway

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  dear sergey,

  i am sorry that i did not reply your letter for a long time . i had a very important competion. i have won the heat.if i win the semi-final i can enter another competion .if i win the final of that competion ,i can go to america,canada or singapore.it is very hard.it sounds like a tongue twinster ,isn’it?

  and you have asked about my brother.so i will introduce him to you .my brother is sibling.   he is 17 years old .he studies in nanchang forign language school .the students there are very excellent .so is my brother. my brother is very shy ,likes a girl.but he is good at playing football .he wants to be a scholar in the future.

  i really admire you very much .you can often go abroad .i like your photos .i like movies best .now i want to know something about your family .could you send me some pictures?

  give my best to your family!